Saturday 20 April 2019

Keating helps the homeless with Tiglin's 'No Bucks' cafe

Ronan and Storm Keating lead the Christmas carols for the homeless
Ronan and Storm Keating lead the Christmas carols for the homeless

Most of our thoughts were firmly fixed on Storm Frank over the festive period but Ronan Keating had a 'storm' of a different form in mind when he helped out with the Tiglin 'No Bucks' outreach bus.

Each weeknight, the women at the centre in 'Teach Shechem' prepare sandwiches and flasks of tea and coffee for the bus which meets up with a team of volunteers in Dublin City Centre.

The 'No Bucks' mobile cafe then parks on Marlboro Street in Dublin where they usually have their regular set of customers waiting for them.

However, this Christmas Eve, Aubrey McCarthy, received a surprise phone call from Ronan Keating who said he and his wife Storm would like to help out with feeding the homeless.

'I presumed he would do the 'courtesy five minutes' but I was amazed that he actually rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in,' says Aubrey.

'Himself and his wife Storm led all the homeless people and volunteers in a carol sing song.

'It was a fantastic atmosphere and then Ronan and Storm gave out Christmas presents to all gathered. It really was a great night.'

Every homeless person got a bag of gifts including hats, scarf, jocks, gloves, toiletries and some food.

The 'No Bucks' bus is a Tiglin outreach service that goes out each weeknight to Dublin City and surrounding areas.

The bus was donated to Tiglin in 2009 and converted to the 'No bucks' mobile café.

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