Saturday 20 October 2018

'It's time to move on', says Timmins as he quits Renua

Billy Timmins
Billy Timmins

Former Wicklow TD Billy Timmins has announced his decision to quit the Renua party which he helped to establish.

Mr Timmins this week conceded that General Election 2016 was a 'disaster' for the party and confirmed that he has 'decided to move on'.

'Life is too short and I have decided to move on. To shake off baggage others will also have to do so,' he said.

Mr Timmins said that he has spent the weeks since he lost his seat on 'personal matters' but said that he attended a number of Renua meetings since the election before finally reaching his decision.

'Reviews can be easy and we will always be wiser tomorrow than we are today. Responsibility must rest with those of us who had political experience. Where there is criticism I am equally to blame as the next and as a collective we got much wrong,' he said.

Mr Timmins added that he initially thought criticism of Renua was unfair but remarked that their 'mixed messages' paid off for Fianna Fáil who were seen by voters as a safer bet'.

He added that a Late Late Show appearance by Lucinda Creighton and Eddie Hobbs to launch the party confused the public.

'Our pre-launch posed far more questions than answers. Every political party or movement has a vision and values that don't require a visit to the thesaurus. We had four guiding principles that were complicated and almost impossible to remember. On The Late Late show we sent a mixed message to over half a million viewers. We were pro life and pro choice. In particular social conservatives were confused as to where we stood on social matters. In the end they saw Fianna Fáil as a safer bet.'

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