Monday 20 May 2019

Irish Water lifts conservation order

Deborah Coleman

The water conservation order imposed on County Wicklow during the summer drought has been lifted.

Irish Water confirmed the decision in recent days for Wicklow and surrounding counties Carlow, Wexford and Dublin as well as others in Leinster and Munster.

The order has been lifted following increased rainfall in the southern, eastern and midlands regions.

Irish Water Engineer John Gavin said that as rainfall is now falling at an average rate, water sources are being replenished.

'The Water Conservation Orders were vital for reducing significant peaks in demand that Irish Water witnessed in early June 2018. The orders, combined with excellent conservation efforts made by homes and businesses across the county, and the significant efforts of operational teams on the ground, prevented major outages to water supplies in many communities. As rainfall is returning to more average rates, our water sources, which were very dry during the summer, can begin to recharge more quickly. However, low water levels remain an issue in some communities, such as Kirikee, and Irish Water will continue to liaise with and support those affected,' he said.

Mr Gavin also warned that it is essential that people continue to conserve water.

'We are really grateful for all the efforts people made over the past few months in their homes and businesses. It was really encouraging to see. Conserving water will make our water sources more resilient and help to safeguard our water for the future benefiting communities all across Wicklow,' he said.

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