Tuesday 23 July 2019

'I made a big mistake'

Jackie Buckley
Jackie Buckley

A local business owner who appeared in online videos denigrating Wicklow town has expressed remorse at her involvement.

Jackie Buckley, who runs Jackie B's Cafe in the SuperValu Complex, accompanied former journalist Gemma O'Doherty on a walk through Wicklow town in two videos, both of which were streamed online last Friday evening.

In the videos, Ms O'Doherty makes reference to the number of takeaways in the town, and said Wicklow 'didn't have anything culturally enhancing'. She then made reference to the presence of a direct provision centre in the Grand Hotel and called into question the authenticity of those residing there.

In the wake of the videos and the subsequent reaction online, Ms Buckley admitted she had made a mistake in agreeing to appear alongside Ms O'Doherty.

'Mistakes are made and I made a big one. I made a complete error of judgement and was mislead (sic),' read a statement on Facebook. 'Anyone who knows me will know I do not hold these views and do not share any of her sentiments. I apologise to you out there my intentions were totally misinterpreted, I love this town and all the people in it. I feel deeply upset to be associated with such a person and realised too late I should have done my research before getting involved. I can only apologise.'

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