Sunday 16 December 2018

Hedge cutting ban remains in place

The Irish Wildlife Trust is highlighting that the ban on hedge cutting still runs until the end of August.

The Irish Wildlife Trust's office has received numerous calls from around the country regarding illegal hedge cutting this summer and there is now a real concern that this will escalate during the month of August.

The Irish Wildlife Trust reiterates that Section 40 of the Wildlife Act still clearly outlines the period of the ban from March 1 until August 31, and urges people to report any illegal cutting of hedges to their local Gardai or National Parks and Wildlife Ranger to help ensure the protection of wildlife.

Lorraine Bull, Development Officer with the Irish Wildlife Trust says, 'August is a particularly crucial month for wildlife to use hedgerows. A number of wildflower species are in flower in August, providing vital food resources for our bee and butterfly pollinators. Birds, such as the Yellowhammer, nest well into September and chicks sitting in the nest can be disturbed and even killed by heavy hedge cutting machinery.'

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