Saturday 16 December 2017

Great turnout for annual walk

Mark and Janice Kelly at the Fr Willie Walsh annual walk from Glen of Imaal to Glenmalure.
Mark and Janice Kelly at the Fr Willie Walsh annual walk from Glen of Imaal to Glenmalure.

110 people took part in the Fr. Willie Walsh Walk from the Glen of Imaal to Glenmalure, with Fr. Willie and his mother present to greet all the participants.

The walk has been taking place for close to 30 years now and raises funds for Fr. Willie's missionary work in Africa.

Fr. Willie was back home in Wicklow from Kenya for the walk and to celebrate 40 years since he was ordained. He thanked everyone from the Glen of Imaal starting point for their involvement, accompanied by his mother, 92 year old Kit Walsh of Donard.

On being appointed the St. Patrick's Secondary School chaplain three years ago by the Catholic Diocese of Kitale, Kenya, Fr. Willie has conducted various projects through funds raised through the annual Wicklow trek across the mountains.

Since his appointment as Chaplain, Fr. Willie has helped to pay the school fees for students whose families are unable to.

He has also overseen the construction of a Library block stocked with books and furniture, Twin science laboratory for Biology, Chemistry and Physics (with the addition of equipment and chemicals), Computer laboratory, equipped with 10 computers; Dining hall and kitchen with dining tables and benches, together with cooking facilities; Ablution block - with flush toilets for teachers; Administration block - which is currently in progress; 2 classroom block with chairs and lockers and a modern school entrance and gate.

In addition, Fr. Walsh has bought the school Library books, Copy printer for examinations, Chairs and lockers for students, E-Learning materials and many other items. He also started up a feeding programme for the students.

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