Wednesday 23 January 2019

Further questions over St Paul's Lodge

After the demolition
After the demolition

Myles Buchanan at Wicklow County Council meeting

St Paul's Lodge in Bray was once again a topic of conversation at Wicklow County Council level after Cllr Brendan Thornhill sought a suspension of standing orders at Monday's monthly meeting.

At previous meetings Cllr Thornhill had been unsuccessful in efforts to suspend standing orders in order to discuss legal advice over the demolishment of St Paul's Lodge as part of the development of the Florentine Centre in Bray.

At Monday's meeting he queried why Wicklow Councillors on the Kildare and Wicklow Training Board (KWETB) had received legal advice they had sought.

'This is about free-justice. For St Paul's we didn't get any legal advice. I would particularly like to hear the details of the legal advice received from Cllr Jim Ruttle, who chairs the KWETB,' said Cllr Thornhill.

Cllr Joe Behan seconded the proposal for a suspension of standing orders so the matter could be discussed after 4.30 p.m.. Cllr Christopher Fox objected, stating that the KWETB was an entirely different matter to St Paul's Lodge.

'Legal advice was received specific to the KWETB. It doesn't have to be furnished to all the members.'

Cllr Pat Vance said: 'The KWETB board did this all on their own. What are we doing here in the chamber discussing their business? We have problems all over the country - a housing crisis, a health crisis - and people are asking for this and for that from something they aren't even a member of. It's pure madness.'

Cllr Tommy Annesley said all questions involving the KWETB would soon be answered in front of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). 'A presentation will soon be made to PAC so this will all be public knowledge very, very soon. All of Cllr Ruttle's questions will be answered. KWETB got advice on a confidential issue. It couldn't be brought up in this chamber. This is not the time but all questions will soon be answered.' Cllr Vincent Blake advised: 'Leave this to the KWETB to deal with the issue in their own time.'

Cllr Thornhill agreed to withdraw his proposal for a suspension of standing orders, but commented: 'We were looking for legal advice for St Paul's and then saw Wicklow County Council get legal advice for another body.'

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