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Funding call for green businesses


Laura Burke, director-general, EPA

Laura Burke, director-general, EPA

Laura Burke, director-general, EPA

Wicklow's small businesses are being urged to apply to a new scheme to fund ideas for the development of Ireland's green economy.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a €600,000 programme for Irish innovators to develop and demonstrate business-ready solutions for the circular economy, which reduces costs by reusing and recycling materials already in use.; and builds vibrant, new businesses.

EPA director-general Laura Burke, said: 'We are at a pivotal point for our economy and the recovery steps we take now will shape Ireland for the next decade. Moving to put circular principles at the core of our economic model offers the opportunity to rebuild our economy, generate new jobs and respond to climate change.

'As we emerge from national lockdown, a 'green' recovery stimulus provides a unique opportunity to generate lasting economic activity that does not over-burden the environment and waste our limited resources.'

The Green Enterprise: Innovation for a Circular Economy programme will provide funding to companies and other organisations that want to 'stimulate and implement circular economy practices' in Ireland, she said. It will aim to encourage innovation for sustainable products and services.

Businesses within the food, construction and demolition, plastics and resources and raw materials sector are invited to apply. More information on the programme is available on the EPA's website, www.epa.ie.

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