Sunday 21 July 2019

Fond farewell for CCA pair

Carol Buckley and Shane Eivers with Rebecca Hayden and Charles Delaney Byrne, Head Girl and Boy
Carol Buckley and Shane Eivers with Rebecca Hayden and Charles Delaney Byrne, Head Girl and Boy

A very special and emotional event took place in Coáiste Chraobh Abhann last Thursday evening, when a broad selection of the CCA school community gathered together to bid a fond farewell to principal Shane Eivers, and deputy principal Carol Buckley on their well-deserved retirement.

There was an incredible turnout and everyone wanted to thank Shane and Carol for their immense dedication and service they have given to the school over the last 16 years. Both Shane and Carol were instrumental in the establishment and development of CCA and its unique school culture promoting academic excellence and mutual respect.

The ceremony was hosted by Head Girl Rebecca Hayden, and Head Boy Charley Delaney Byrne, who presented a moving video compilation of all the CCA Head boys and girls throughout the years. Each past student reflected on their fond memories of life in CCA, commenting on the great impact Shane and Carol made on their lives, and how their pastoral care, guidance and inspiration helped each of them become the young men and women they are today.

In her farewell speech, Carol reflected on her time in CCA, humbly stating that she was honoured to have worked alongside all the CCA staff both past and present, and that she learned more from the students than they had from her. She thanked Shane for his guidance and support, commending his unique leadership skills and his ability to motivate everyone to achieve and maintain the highest of standards in everything they did. She thanked her husband Billy, and her two boys Conor and Seán for all their love and support over the years, and finished by saying that there would always be a piece of CCA in her heart.

Shane then shared his early memories of CCA back in 2003, when there was only a staff of 10, and working in a building that was more like a building site than a school. However, from small acorns great oaks grow, and now looking back over the 16 years, he said how proud he was to see the great school CCA has become.

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