Tuesday 23 July 2019

Fire broke out in garage

Emergency services at the scene on Galtrim Road
Emergency services at the scene on Galtrim Road

The third fire in the past week in Bray broke out on Monday night on Galtrim Road.

The blaze was in the garage of a private house and quickly extinguished by fire fighters. There were no injuries in the fire, which occurred at around 8 p.m. and was attended by Bray Fire Service. The fire did not spread to the house.

This was the night after a fire had gutted the premises of Peter's Pizza on the Main Street in Bray, and just days after a three-storey Main Street building was burned out. Chief Fire Officer Aiden Dempsey said that this was purely coincidental and they are not suspicious regarding any of these fires.

He said that as the emergency services were alerted early in the fire's development, fire fighters were able to contain the fire to the room in which it started. Conversely, the fire at the Florentine was well developed by the time they were alerted and could be contained to the building.

Peter's Pizza proprietor Petru Demeni and his wife Monica were alerted to the fire at around 5 a.m. on Monday.

Fire fighters used breathing apparatus to fight the fire on the Main Street, due to the building being heavily smoke-logged.

Mr Demenu said that while the pizzeria will be closed for renovation, he is looking forward to rebuilding and re-opening as soon as possible.

The Main Street was once again closed on Monday morning due to the Peter's Pizza fire, reopening within two hours.

It is understood that the fire was caused by an electrical fault involving a freezer.

Peter and Monica have been residents of Ireland since 1997, starting the pizza establishment in 2003 under the Mizzoni franchise, before rebranding in 2017.

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