Monday 25 March 2019

FatBikes right at home after Ali upsets ploughing

Ian Boltt of FatBike Adventures at the National Ploughing Championships.
Ian Boltt of FatBike Adventures at the National Ploughing Championships.

Myles Buchanan

The muddy conditions at the National Ploughing Championships in County Offaly provided the perfect setting for Wicklow company FatBike Adventures to showcase its all terrain bikes.

FatBike Adventures made its debut at the championships last year where it impressed visitors to the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena. The company returned this year under the slogan 'Fatbikes for Farmers' to promote the usage of bikes by farmers for tasks such as herding livestock, monitoring newborns, boundary inspections and general maintenance.

Speaking about his experience in Offaly, FatBikes Adventures co-founder Ian Boltt said that the conditions created by Storm Ali provided the perfect opportunity to show-off the many benefits of Fatbikes.

'The weather created some really challenging conditions for everyone this year, however, for FatBike Adventures it was actually quite a blessing as we were able to demonstrate properly just how easily Fatbikes can handle wet and muddy conditions,' he said.

Before the excessive rain fell, FatBike Adventures made an appearance on RTE's Monday evening edition of 'Ploughing Live', which saw Marty Morrissey and Aine Lawlor ride off into the sunset on a Fatbike.

'We were incredibly busy with visitors wanting to try out the bikes having spotted them whizzing around the event and appearing on RTE. The electric powered range proved to be the big seller, as they really are the perfect addition to an everyday working environment, such as a farm or forest, and can be used pretty much by any age or fitness level' said Ian.

FatBike Adventures was formed in 2015 and also offers fatbikes for hire, catering for a wide range of fitness levels and ages.

'Our "Fatbikes for Farmers" campaign seemed to really catch the imagination of the visitors as we were absolutely inundated every day. What we offer is unique and provides some real choice for farmers and landowners to consider.... and who wouldn't want to have a little fun while working too?' said Ian.

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