Friday 14 December 2018

Family cut off without water, food, fuel or gas

After the storm

A Carnew woman who was snowed in without food, water or heat during Storm Emma said she thought her young daughter would take ill after drinking boiled snow.

Tracy Crosbie of Kennystown, Carnew, said she and her husband Alan were forced to boil the snow after two days without water.

The couple and their four children, Alan (23), Keith (18), Bradley (17) and eight-year-old Chloe were marooned in their rural home during the storm after 12 foot high snow drifts blocked the roads.

Tracy said that she was also worried about her sister Susan, who lives a few miles away from her, and their elderly father, who lives in Dublin. She said her father has recently suffered a stroke and needed medication.

The Crosbie family were snowed in from Thursday until Monday and were only able to leave the house after Tracy contacted Noel Ruxton of the Wicklow Alerts Facebook page appealing for help.

She said that she thought Chloe, who complained of stomach pains after drinking the boiled snow, was getting sick.

'I was traumatised. I was boiling snow in pots but then my youngest started getting pains in her tummy and I was worried.

'I was kind of saying "am I doing right or wrong?" We had no power, no water, no heating, no gas. Our water pump filter snapped on Saturday so we had to turn it off.'

'The amount of snow my little one was drinking she was sucking it. And then a few hours later she went really pale and the pains were really bad.'

Desperate for help, the 48-year-old contacted Noel at around 8 p.m. on Sunday night and her message read: We are snowed-in at Kennystown, no food, no gas, no water, fire is gone out. Kids are getting pains in bellies from drinking ice. Please help.'

Local gardai met her husband on Monday and brought him to get the part needed to fix the water pump, while the Breen family from Commer, Co Wexford, managed to dig them out on Tuesday morning.

She said: 'Baltinglass gardai and Jim Ellis were fantastic. I contacted gardaí in Wexford first and they said you're Wicklow and I didn't know what to do. I started panicking when I realised.'

'My son Bradley and his friend Cian Doyle were very good and they managed to walk miles down to Carnew to get shopping. They managed to get us and my sister bread, milk and water', said Tracy.

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