Tuesday 24 October 2017

Exodus from Wicklow continues

ARKLOW GIRLS Karen and Rachel Dowling will be two more Irish citizens added to the whopping 87,100 who emigrated in the last year when they depart for Australia later this month.

The sisters who live in Lamberton Heights will join their older sister Donna (25) who along with her boyfriend Peter already started a new life Down Under last May.

Karen's boyfriend Matthew Kavanagh, from Aughrim, is setting off as well, and will be the third sibling in his family to leave these shores in search of work, better prospects and a life that Ireland simply can no longer provide.

'I am hoping to get work in nursing. I just got my degree in Intellectual Disability Nursing and my graduation will be the last family occasion before we head off. There are brilliant prospects in Australia and people climb the ladder really quickly. Also there is much more training available while you work,' explains Karen (23).

Younger sister Rachel (22) is also qualified in Social Studies but the recession has resulted in the severe lack of job opportunities.

'I am working at the moment to save up for the trip but I have applied for jobs in the area I'm qualified in but didn't even get a reply back from them. Working for peanuts with no chance of promotion is not something I want to continue,' explains Rachel.

'I always wanted to be an air hostess so I would love to do a course in Australia. I'm going to look into it when I get there.'

While packing up and moving is certainly a big step for the Dowling girls, the presence of their older sister Donna is most certainly a comfort to them and will make the transition easier.

'We are nervous but so excited. It has been in the distance for so long and now it's almost time to go. Donna has a hostel booked for us and she had already gone through all the paperwork before so we knew what we had to do. She will be able to help us setting