Wednesday 26 June 2019

Dumping on Murrough 'can't be tolerated'

Myles Buchanan

Wicklow County Council are considering complaints of illegal dumping at a beauty spot along the Murrough popular with walkers.

Cllr John Snell said the dumping in such a scenic location was causing lots of frustration.

'It's a really well used area for people out walking by themselves or with their dogs. It is putting a lot of people off the area because of all the rubbish building up. There is toilet paper all over the bushes and on the ground. Dog walkers are afraid what their pet may pick up from the bushes. It's a beautiful and secluded spot and this can't be tolerated,' said Cllr Snell.

Wicklow County Council are examining the situation with a view to the environmental hazard caused by illegal dumping and littering in the vicinity.

Cllr Gail Dunne said he has been inundated with complaints from the public.

'People don't want to walk up there anymore. Lots of rubbish is being dumped there. People have been complaining about the mess up there and have been asking what the Gardai and Wicklow County Council are doing about it.'

Wicklow People