Tuesday 24 October 2017

Driver left on roadside by hijackers

An elderly man was dumped from his own jeep after it was hijacked while he was travelling near Aughrim.

The driver was returning home through Aughrim on Wednesday night, September 27, when two people suddenly jumped into the back of his vehicle and placed a hood over his head.

He was then bundled into the back of the vehicle and was driven around for a period of time while the two culprits stole a number of items from the car.

He was eventually shoved out of the jeep as his assailants drove away in the vehicle.

By foot he managed to make his way to the nearest location, Laragh, where he raised the alarm.

The stolen jeep was found burnt out not far from Laragh the following morning at 7.30 a.m..

Gardai began examining the charred-remains of the vehicle for any clues as to who was responsible for the theft and its destruction. CCTV footage from the area is also being examined.

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