Wednesday 22 May 2019

Dolco Engineering open up new showroom and shop in Arklow

The grand opening of an expansion of Dolco Engineering Ltd. in the form of a new showroom and shop by the name of Boat, Home and Gardens occurred on Saturday, April 6.

Among the guests was local businessman Ian Kearon and his wife Sheila, who have given their support in the establishment of this new venture.

Ian Kearon, proud owner of Kearon's DIY and Hardware had his doors open for business for several decades and was quickly established as a mainstay in the town. He recently decided to turn to the next chapter in his life by closing the shop's doors and embracing retirement.

Owner John Doyle and his wife Pauline, along with all of the staff at Dolco Engineering Ltd. thought there were no more suitable candidates than Ian and Sheila to do them the honour of cutting the ribbon at the grand opening, which they were delighted to do.

In this celebratory moment for all, Ian said, 'I'm very happy to have helped Dolco Engineering start their new journey in opening this shop, and it brings me great joy to know that the closing of my own shop won't mean the end of the chandlery business in Arklow. I'm at peace knowing that everyone, from the sailing club to the local fishermen and everybody in-between, will still have a place to get the equipment they need. The end of one good thing always leads to the birth of another, and I think today marks that birth for this town.'

Dolco Engineering Ltd. is a local company with a nationwide customer base that incorporate European Pool Services and European Water Services,' as well as Boat, Home and Gardens as of last week. They have specialised for years in the installation and maintenance of swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs. Their new shop, which is located in Knockenrahan Industrial estate, Arklow, showcases a select few of these saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs.

The showroom also contains premium bathroom fittings and provides a wide range of chandlery, waterproof clothing, chemicals, spare parts and decorative home and garden pieces.'

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