Tuesday 21 May 2019

Dog dirt is 'ruining' scenic Black Castle

The scenic Black Castle.
The scenic Black Castle.

Myles Buchanan

A Wicklow town woman has slammed dog owners for letting their pets soil the grassy surroundings of the historic and picturesque Black Castle.

The coastal location is visited often by locals and tourists alike and provides sunning views of the Wicklow coastline.

Mary Parle was born nearby and believes the natural beauty of the castle green is being ruined by owners failing to clean up after their dogs defecate in the area and is particularly sickened by the potential health risks for children playing in the area.

'It's a wonderful place for children to play and it's a really stunning location, but people are ruining it for everyone else by failing to tidy up the mess their dogs leave behind,' said Mary. 'You see people up there who let their dog off the lead and watch them poop without making any effort to clear it up. It's disgusting, especially when you have so many kids playing in the area. Dog dirt can be very harmful to children but that doesn't seem to concern the dog owners I am talking about. It's completely disgusting and something needs to be done. I can only imagine what tourists must think when they see the amount of dog dirt littering the place'.

Mary would like to see more enforcement when it comes to owners failing to clean up their dog mess, including the issuing of fines. She also believes more dog waste bins are required.

'I have spoken to the council about the issue before and I know they have concerns that people will use dog dirt bins to dump their own domestic waste but there are ways to prevent that,' she said.

'In Bray and Greystones, the bins only have little holes in them so domestic waste can't fit through. You certainly need more than just the one bin by the Black Castle.

'It's an absolutely gorgeous place but it is being spoiled by dog muck,' said Mary.

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