Thursday 23 May 2019

Design plan for Blessington school welcomed

The plan to appoint a design team for the extension to Blessington Community College has been welcomed by Cllr Edward Timmins who said the work is 'very much needed'.

In October the school received the go-ahead for the planned expansion which will enable the school to cater for 650 students.

The extension was sought for many years and at the time of the permission being granted the Chairperson of the school's Board of Management, Jim Ruttle, said the green light was a source of much relief within the local community.

In another step along the path to seeing the planned work realised, design teams visited the site last week and, according to Cllr Timmins, the selection will be made in the shortly.

'It's very important to the community of Blessington and the surrounding area,' said Cllr Timmins.

'I welcome the news that advertising for a design team has taken place,' he added.

'This will extend the college to over 15,000 square feet with a capacity for 650 students [and] it's much needed for the school which is showing rapid expansion.'

It's expected it will take around three years to complete the project. The overall cost of the work will be subject to a tender process once the design has been completed.

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