Sunday 24 March 2019

Danny's soccer flair is matched by his art

The booklet cover
The booklet cover

Brendan Keane

A soccer player from Wicklow town was featured on the cover of the match programme for the soccer match between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that took place in the Aviva Stadium as part of this year's Nations League competition.

However, despite being well known as a formidable soccer player in his own right it was Danny Earls's talent as an artist that resulted in his work being featured on the cover.

A hand-drawn image depicting Irish soccer legends George Best and Johnny Giles adorned the cover of the programme and speaking to this newspaper about the image, Mr Earls said the FAI asked him if he would like to create something for the cover having been impressed with some of his work already posted online.

'The FAI asked me would I help out with some art work and I had posted some stuff online that they liked,' he said.

'Obviously, I've been playing ball for the last few years but I've always been interested in art too,' he added.

'Football is the ideal job to combine the two because it gives you time to work away on the art stuff.'

He was also asked to design a cover image for John O'Shea's retirement game.

'After that the FAI asked me would I be interested in doing some more,' said Mr Earls.

A self-taught artist he has received much valued advice from two prominent artists who work with DC and Marvel respectively, Tyler Kirkham and Will Sliney.

His immediate plans are to return to his fiancée in the US and continue with his soccer career and his art stateside.

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