Monday 19 March 2018

Crowds flock to festival

Ann and Serena Dover at Regatta's got talent in the Assembly Hall, Wicklow
Ann and Serena Dover at Regatta's got talent in the Assembly Hall, Wicklow
" The Nolan Sisters", Annmarie Hanlon, Carol Byrne, Georgina and June Franey at the Singing pubs in Whistler's bar, Wicklow
The men’s novice skiff race on Monday

Esther Hayden

The 139th Wicklow Regatta Festival certainly went with a bang - not least on Sunday night as fireworks lit up the skies of Wicklow town.

One of the organisers John Goodman said the committee was delighted with how this year's festival went.

'The whole festival was a great success. It was a great line-up of events and we were very lucky with the weather in general with the exception of Sunday night. The family fun day on Saturday drew a fantastic crowd and there was over 1,000 people at it,' he said. 'We had events running from the start of last week including indoor soccer, a treasure hunt, Wicklow's Got Talent and golly fishing which saw 400 kids taking part.

'On Saturday night Birds of Olympus performed in the Church of Ireland and that was a super gig. It's not often you'd see a rock concert in a church.

'On Sunday, the raft race took place as did the open swim and these were great spectator events.

'The weather wasn't great for the hoe down outside Wicklow Gaol on Sunday night but there was still a lot of people at it.'

John said that the support they received from sponsors, local businesses and the community in general had helped to ensure the festival was such a success.

'People were very generous when approached and without such generosity the festival couldn't have gone ahead.'

John said that the festival also saw an influx of tourists into the town over the course of the weekend and in the days preceding it.

'There were definitely a lot of tourists around. This year we had a raffle associated with the programme and you had to text your name and address to a specific number. From these entries we could see that a lot of people were in Wicklow for the festival weekend.

'The Singing Pubs also attracted a lot of tourists as did the family fun day.'

On Sunday night a large crowd gathered to check out the spectacular fire works display which lit up the skies. 'We were lucky with the weather for the fireworks and people really seemed to enjoy the event', said John.

As usual, the festival came to an end on Monday with the hotly contested regatta races.

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