Tuesday 18 June 2019

Criminal damage down to 475 incidents in 2018

Joint Policing Committee meeting

Criminal damage cases are down on last year's incidents with 475 reported so far this year compared with 621 in 2017.

There were 63 in Baltinglass, 255 in Bray and 157 in Wicklow and detection rates are at 12 per cent, a drop of -12 per cent.

Public order incidents were at 363 at the end of October, compared with 403 in 2017.

There were 31 in Baltinglass, 209 in Bray and 123 in Wicklow. Detections are at 77 per cent so far this year compared with 94 per cent in 2017.

Incidents of drugs related crimes were up from 314 to 375, an increase of 19 per cent.

There was a significant increase in drugs offences in the Baltinglass Division, with possession for personal use at 78, an increase of 169 per cent, and possession for sale or supply at 8, compared with four the previous year.

Supt Quirke credited the increase to a new detective unit set up in the district which has been focused on the Blessington area and getting some excellent results.

Wicklow People