Wednesday 13 December 2017

Crackdown on illegal dumping

Deborah Coleman

Wicklow County Council is cracking down on illegal dumping and littering, warning those who engage in such activity that they could face stiff fines of a prison sentence if convicted in court.

The council is ramping up its action on illegal waste activities in the county including dumping or burning of waste.

Last year 217 litter fines for €150 were issued for litter related offences.

In addition, 19 more serious cases were taken to court by Wicklow County Council under the Waste Management and Litter Control legislation with fines of up to €1,500 and in one case a 30-day prison sentence for a defendant who was found guilty of illegal dumping and burning of several bags of domestic waste.

The cases brought ranged from dumping waste in a field to a bag of bottles left beside recycling bins.

A conviction was also secured against a defendant for discarding domestic waste in a municipal bin and for another who left a bag of bottles beside a recycling bin.

A spokesperson for Wicklow County Council said that 'when Council Enforcement Officers retrieve evidence from dumped waste, action is always taken against offenders and if fines are not paid, the offender is taken to court where they will have to pay the fine as well as all legal and associated costs.'

Fines imposed on convicted parties ranged from €150 to €1,500 while costs ranged from €300 to €1,500.

The council said that it will continue to work to tackle the dumpers and offenders this year with the help of the community and increasingly through the use of technology.

'Wicklow County Council takes illegal dumping extremely seriously. Our team of Environmental Officers are active all over the county and dumpers will be pursued to the full extent of the law. We will track down the offenders and take action to protect our county,' the spokesperson said.

Members of the public are being asked to report illegal dumping via the 24 hour lo-call telephone number 1850 365 121 or

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