Wednesday 22 November 2017

Community field to be locked at night following vandalism

The remains of the fire was inside the changing area.
The remains of the fire was inside the changing area.

The community field in Ballinaclash will have its gates locked each night at 9 p.m. after vandals set a fire inside changing rooms.

A fire was set alight in the corner of the changing room, while broken glass was strewn all over the ground.

There was also evidence of anti-social behaviour having taken place and other inappropriate items littered the area.

Ballinaclash Community Association maintains the community field and secretary Stephen Kearon says the association has little choice but to close the gates to the field at 9 p.m. sharp.

'It's unfortunate we have to take this measure. You have lots of local kids who use the field playing late, especially during the long summer days and when they are off school on their summer holidays, so it's tough on them.

'The field is for the whole community and we have to protect it. I hope the gardaí find whoever is responsible. There was some smoke damage caused and the debris left behind was unsafe and unsanitary. We are just glad no real serious damage took place, otherwise we could find ourselves in real difficulty,' said Mr Kearon.

Gardaí were informed of the vandalism and visited the site as part of their investigation.

The attack took place in and around Monday, July 3, and occurred just over a week after the community field played host to the well-attended Clashfest 2017.

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