Thursday 22 February 2018

Casey is the first Cathaoirleach

CLLR Pat Casey is the first Cathaoirleach of the newly-formed Wicklow Municipal District and Cllr. Irene Winters is the Leas-Cathaoirleach.

Cllr. Casey was proposed by Cllr. Winters and seconded by Cllr. John Snell at the first meeting ever to be held by the Wicklow Municipal District.

'It will be a challenging time for all of us,' commented Cllr. Casey.

'This is the first chance I have had to represent the town, before this it was always excluded from my remit. I will strive to be as fair and as open as possible, as I was when I was the Chairman of the Local Area meetings and a former Cathaoirleach of Wicklow County Council. I look forward to working with the council staff and my door is always open and I will always be.'

Cllr. Casey proposed Cllr. Winters as the Leas-Cathoirleach, seconded by Cllr. Snell.

Cllr. Winters acknowledged that how exactly the new Municipal Districts would function remained up in the air.

'We have a new structure that hasn't yet been fully developed. We will have to see how all the Municipal Districts will fit within the County Council. We don't even know yet if we will get our own budget or partial budget.'

Councillors Casey and Winters have also been nominated as the two district representatives of the Board of Wicklow Enterprise Park. Cllr. Snell proposed Cllr. Winters and she in turn nominated Cllr. Casey. Cllr. Snell also proposed Cllr. Pat Kavanagh.

As there were only two positions on the board available, the elected members had to vote for which of their two colleagues they wanted to take up the positions.

Cllr. Casey and Cllr. Winters were voted for by Cllr. Casey, Cllr. Shay Cullen and Cllr. Winters. Cllr. Daire Nolan voted for Cllr. Kavanagh and Cllr. Casey and Councillors Kavanagh and Snell voted for Cllr. Kavanagh and Cllr. Winters.

Councillors Snell and Casey were nominated on to the Ballynagran Community Liaison Committee.

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