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Brittas Bay among top beaches for naturists


■ Naturists enjoying the fine weather at Brittas Bay

■ Naturists enjoying the fine weather at Brittas Bay

■ Naturists enjoying the fine weather at Brittas Bay

BRITTAS BAY is one of the top beaches in Ireland for naturists to bare all according to a new survey.

According to a UK study Irish beaches are top of the class when it comes to naturism and Brittas Bay is in the top five nudist beaches in the country.

The Silver Strand in Barna, Co. Galway and Corballis in North County Dublin also make it into the top five.

Brittas Bay is said to be one of the best naturist beaches on the east coast and is very popular with nudists.

The main beach is clothes only and attracts campers and caravans at the weekend and during peak holiday season.

However according to the Irish Naturists Association (INA) the nudist beach is some two miles south of the main beach. They describe it as long and sandy backed by large dunes with a stony strip between the dunes and the water.

However Brittas Bay has also come under fire this summer from a number of tourists who were shocked to witness lewd sex acts being carried out in full view of the public. In July a group of tourists were horrified to see threesomes engaging in sex acts on the beach.

'When we arrived at the beach we discovered it was a naturist beach which didn't really bother us. We just laughed and went for a walk along the beach,' said one of the visitors.

However, they soon realised that the other people on the beach appeared to be gay males, some of whom were having sex with one another.

'Much to our horror they were having sex in both the dunes and on the beach in view of others. When we walked further along we met a couple who had been there at the same time and had warned off a family from walking down that far.'

The shocked party ended up discussing what they had witnessed with some of the few naturists who actually seemed to be present on the beach.

' I have nothing against gay men or women but on a public beach having threesomes of any kind is just unacceptable. We also have nothing against naturist beaches, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

' But there were only two naturist couples there and they informed us that the beach was turning into a gay pickup spot.

'As a result, genuine naturists are reluctant to go there anymore. Plus there were plenty of kids only a few hundred yards further down the beach. What if a couple of those kids went walking up the beach?'