Tuesday 16 January 2018

Black Widow should not be entitled to any of Tom's estate, say siblings

A BROTHER and sister of the late Tom Nevin say his murderer, Catherine Nevin, should not be entitled to inherit any of his estate.

Patrick Nevin and Margaret Lavelle want the court to rule that the evidence at Catherine Nevin's murder trial is admissible as part of a civil action seeking to disinherit her.

She claims she had no hand, act or part in her husband Tom's death and believes she is entitled to a share of their jointly held assets. These included Jack White's pub near Brittas Bay in Wicklow where he was shot 16 years ago, which she subsequently sold for IR£620,000.

In 2000, she was convicted of murdering him at their pub, Jack White's on March 19, 1996. She was jailed for life on that charge and also received a seven-year sentence for soliciting three men to kill her husband in 1989 and 1990.

In 2003, an appeal against the conviction was dismissed, while another case to have her case declared a miscarriage of justice was rejected.

The High Court is being asked to decide whether her conviction can be used as evidence against her in the upcoming legal battle over assets. Her lawyers maintain the dispute should be put on hold to allow her to pursue a fresh Supreme Court challenge.

The case began on Tuesday and continues into this week.

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