Sunday 19 November 2017

Almost one in eight has a disability


A TOTAL of 17,616 people in Co. Wicklow have a disability according to the latest figures released by the Central Statistics Office.

This equates to 12.9 per cent of the county's population which comes just slightly below the national average of 13 per cent.

Of the total 8,641 (49.1 per cent) were male while 38,975 (50.9 per cent) were female.

The most common disability recorded during the last census was a difficulty with pain, breathing or other chronic illness or condition which was experienced by 46.7 per cent of disabled people in the county.

This was followed by a difficulty with basic physical activities, experienced by 37.4 per cent.

Both disabilities were strongly agerelated.

In terms of general health the Wicklow population recorded good levels of health, slightly higher than the national average with 63.1 per cent believing that they had ' very good health' while 26.6 per cent said they were in good health.

A total of 1770 (1.3 per cent) outlined that they had either bad or very bad health.

The census also showed that a total of 5,131 persons or 3.8 per cent of the total population of Co. Wicklow were providing unpaid assistance to others in April 2011.

Of these carers 3,237 (63.1 per cent) were women and 1,894 (36.9 per cent) men and this figure came in slightly below the national average of 4.1 per cent.

These carers provided a total of 166,888 hours of care per week.

It also showed that 101 children aged under 15 years were engaged in providing care to others, accounting for 2 per cent of all carers in the county.

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