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Action is needed now to curb the spread of virus


Cllr Peir Leonard.

Cllr Peir Leonard.

Cllr Peir Leonard.

A local Arklow councillor has called for more restricted movement measures to be put in place immediately by the Government.

Independent Councillor Peir Leonard urged the Government to follow the example of other European countries. She said, 'as you know we are now in the midst of a pandemic. With the numbers of confirmed cases of Covid-19 growing daily on the East Coast and given our proximity to Dublin, I feel we need to expedite measures to restrict movement and slow down the spread of this virus immediately.

'With a large part of our community commuting daily to the city for work, I feel there is a window of opportunity at this point in time to curtail the spread if we act now and implement extreme measures like other European countries have now put into place.'

Cllr Leonard also thanked Arklow's community 'who once again have pulled together in time of need. I also want to assure anyone feeling vulnerable or self isolating during this period of time that there are a whole cohort of people putting in place support measures to ensure everyone in our community can access support throughout this time.

'For families and parents of young children who are struggling at this time to keep the social distancing measures in place, please keep up your good work, what you are doing is very important. 'Teenagers especially are finding it difficult during this time. I'd like to extend a special word of thanks to them for showing great maturity throughout this time in abstaining from social gathering to protect their families and the wider community. Well done, I know it's not easy.'

Cllr Leonard added she wished to 'commend all the local businesses that have taken the financial hit for the good of the wider community. We will never forget this as a community. Thank you.

'Lastly, I want to thank each and every front line worker throughout this period including the staff of essential community services and volunteers who are now putting themselves at risk daily for the good of others.'

Cllr Leonard also urged members of the community to stay safe and look after each other at this worrying time.

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