Friday 19 January 2018

A blizzard of awards for local photographers

Paul Corcoran: River Liffey, Co Wicklow
Paul Corcoran: River Liffey, Co Wicklow

Conor William o'Brien

The RTE Weather Spring 2013 Photo Competition was won by Jen Friel from Bray for her exquisite photograph of moss doused in fresh dew.

The beautifully-detailed picture proves how beautiful small wonders can be and that wonderful pictures can be taken in your own garden.

Jane, who photographs regularly in her spare time, shot the winning snap with her Canon EON 550D, having spotted the photogenic blend of moss and dew atop the wall dividing her garden from her neighbours'.

'It had been raining,' Jane explains. 'I spotted this tiny little moss growing on the wall. I was able to set up the tripod and everything.'

When asked to advise aspiring photographers, Jane insists that - like anything - persistence and practice pays off, recommending novice snappers use automatic until they are well versed in the workings of their camera.

'I would say just go out and take pictures,' she says.

'Use automatic at first, take loads of shots and after a while you'll want to take over some aspect of it, be it the shutter speed or the light or whatever. Then you can work with the camera.'

Additionally, four of the 16 runners-up in the competition were shot in the Garden County, testifying to the variety of stunning scenery on show in Wicklow over the spring months.

These comprised photographs taken by Catherine Merrigan in Bray (of a tree against a haunting snow-coated landscape), Michael Carroll at the upper lake of Glendalough (a snow-covered log on the shore with snow-capped mountains in the background), Paul Corcoran of the River Liffey (icicles in the mountains) and Kristina Sandaraite in Greystones (a beautiful orange sunset illuminating a stony beach).

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