Monday 20 May 2019

96 incidents at Sunbeam in three months

Myles Buchanan

HIQA is still considering cancelling the registration of the Sunbeam House Services centre in Rosanna Gardens, Ashford, after a damning report.

The centre is home to 13 adults who need significant support, particularly around their behavioural needs.

HIQA inspectors visited the centre unannounced in September and their report has just been published. Ninety-six incidents were recorded at the centre within a three-month period. Inspectors found that the level of incidents taking place at the centre were not reflective of a safe environment for residents to live.

Some residents said they wished to move from the designated centre, while others said they were unhappy and unsafe within the centre.

The unannounced inspection was carried out to monitor progress in relation to a representation plan submitted to HIQA. During February of last year HIQA issued a notice of proposal to cancel the registration of the centre. An inspection also took place in March 2017 to establish if the measures as outlined in the representation plan were being implemented. At this point a decongregation plan was submitted to be implemented in phases to move specific residents to more suitable accommodation. The first phase of this plan was to be implemented in September 2017. The inspection found that this phase was not implemented and that residents continued to be 'subjected to incidents of aggression'.

The report also found that the centre remained in major non-compliance in relation to the safeguarding and safety of residents and in the governance and management of the centre.

Sunbeam House Services have accepted the contents of the report and have vowed to remedy the issues raised.

CEO Hugh Kane said a series of actions have taken place since the last report to make significant improvements.

'We have increased the level of staffing. The decongregation plan in respect of the first phase is being implemented. The HSE are completing the purchase of two properties to facilitate the moving of individuals to more appropriate settings in the community. Staff are working with residents in preparation for this transfer. We hope that the actions currently completed and under way will allow HIQA to remove their proposal to cancel the registration of this centre.'

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