Tuesday 16 July 2019

700 homes planned for Rathnew

Ardale Property plans to purchase 172 acres of land in Rathnew and build 700 new homes.

The land is located near the Tinakilly Country House and a large section of it is already zoned as residential.

Ardale Property is an Irish based development and investment company who work with domestic and international investors who want to enter the Irish property market.

Cllr John Snell, the Chairperson of the Wicklow County Council Housing SPC, feels the development could help answer some of Wicklow's social housing needs.

'Wicklow County Council and the Housing Section would be entitled to ten per cent of any development for social housing. Currently the waiting list for social housing is huge so anything that could help ease the pressure would be welcome. We will just have to see what will materialise.'

The land in question was never developed during the boom-years. However, the potential scale of the development will have to be in-keeping with the rest of the area, insists Cllr Snell.

'The whole scheme would have to be conscious of the whole area and the impact such a large development would have. Population-wise alone there would be a huge rise in the numbers of people living in Rathnew. All the infrastructure needs to be in place before such a large development could take place. That hasn't been the case with past developments here.'

Wicklow People