Sunday 19 November 2017

Train station added to list

Myles Buchanan

Dunlavin Train Station will be added to the County Council Record of Protected Structures (RPS)

Cllr. Edward Timmins supported the move which he felt 'recognises the heritage and historical value of the old railway.'

Cllr. Tommy Cullen also supported the preservation of the building but felt the order should be extended to the old railway lines.

'I think we should look into preserving the original track line that is left. There are a number of old bridges along the track, some of which have been removed over the years because they weren't protected.

'These railway bridges are a work of very fine architecture and also display fine workmanship by the stone masons who made them.'

All 32 councillors voted in favour of adding Dunlavin Railway Station to the RPS.

A proposed variation to the Dunlavin Town Plan was also passed with 31 votes in favour and Cllr. Cullen abstaining.

Director of Services, Des O'Brien, said the variation would result in some changed zoning but not any new rezoning of lands.

'The land around the school has been reconfigurated in consultation with the Department of Education to make it more useable if the school wants to expand in the future.'

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