Thursday 14 December 2017

Tim's garden takes root in Barretstown

The award-winning Bloom garden created by Wicklow garden designer Tim Austen has been moved to its permanent home in Barretstown, where it will be a fixture for sick children who attend the camp for years to come.

Glanbia CountryLife volunteers have been transplanting the garden to Barretstown over the past number of weeks and it is located beside the medical centre in the walled garden at the camp for children with serious illnesses.

Award-winning landscape architect, Tim Austen, designed the garden to recognise the five year partnership between Glanbia and Barretstown which has raised over €1.5 million for the children's charity.

Tim has offered his thanks to the CountryLife horticulturists who gave up their time to volunteer both at Bloom and during the rebuilding of the garden at Barretstown.

'I would like to thank the volunteers from Glanbia who made the five days of Bloom in May really special and of course magical for all the visitors to our garden.

'The CountryLife horticulturists who worked on the rebuild were really fantastic and really enthusiastic. I am delighted with the results. I couldn't have done this without them.'

The three time Bloom gold medal winner was inspired by the experiences of campers at Barretstown.

The interactive fun-filled garden took home two prizes from Bloom, a Silver Gilt Medal from the Bloom judges and the much coveted 2014 Bloom People's Choice Award.

The garden proved a huge hit with the public and was one of the only gardens entered into Bloom which invited visitors to explore all of its features, including the much loved Wishing Tree. Guests visiting the garden could hang their wishes from the tree and all of these wishes will also be transplanted to Barretstown.

2014 also marks Barretstown's 20th anniversary and the children's charity has welcomed over 27,000 children and their families during that time.

Malachy Doherty, a horticulturist for Glanbia CountryLife, said the organisation is delighted to be associated with the garden.

'This is a lovely opportunity to be part of something which will benefit the campers at Barretstown for years to come. It was a lot of hard work but the results are amazing and we're delighted to have been involved with this living tribute to the partnership with Barretstown.'

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