Sunday 25 February 2018

Students show entrepreneurial spirit at their Dragons' Den event

SN Mhuire held a Dragons' Den event
SN Mhuire held a Dragons' Den event

The annual Junior Entrepreneur Programme is already gaining pace for this year, and just last week, SN Mhuire in Stratford on Slaney hosted its own version of Dragon's Den.

Shane Webb of Milner Brown was delighted to be invited to sit on the panel at this recent school event.

Milner Brown and Aspire Technology are the companies which support the Junior Entrepreneur Programme in County Wicklow.

'It was absolutely brilliant to see the pupils stand up in front of the class, in their respective groups, and pitch their ideas to the dragons. Every single person had their bit to say regarding their business idea or product. It was even better to see that they were prepared for our questions and left nothing unanswered. The children had their market research done and had even figured out a few places they may sell their products,' explained Shane.

Six different groups pitched their ideas on the day and every single group showed incredible creativity, vision, and confidence.

The ideas included; cupcake mixtures, creative picture frames, novelty clocks, bands for your handz, and oobleck stress balls.

Each of the ideas was well thought through with a great sense of creativity.

The class will now distribute the workload throughout the class and actually work on delivering the winning idea.

Congratulating the SN Mhuire students on their efforts, Shane said 'I've no doubt that the confidence and experience the pupils will gain from this programme will stand to them going forward. The future is bright!'

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