Monday 21 October 2019

Make a date with the book doctor

If you are a young reader aged between seven and ten and you are looking for a new series to delve into, then Wicklow Library may have the prescription you need for an exciting new read.

The library will be hosting a Book Clinic on Thursday, April 18, where parents and children are welcome for an informal consultation with one of Ireland's friendly book doctors from Children's Books Ireland.

When the Book Doctor is ready to see a patient, the consultation begins with some questions about books the young reader previously enjoyed as well as activities, movies, TV shows and video games they enjoy. This lets the Book Doctor know a little bit more about the patient so she can write a book prescription, which is a personalised list of books recommended for the individual patient.

You can fill your prescription from the library shelves or order them in for collection.

There are only 24 spaces available so book soon.

Wicklow People