Wednesday 24 January 2018

Hardy bucks bow to pier pressure for festive swim

HARDY SOULS of all ages will descend on the new pier in Wicklow town this St. Stephen's Day for the annual charity swim.

The event is organised by Wicklow Swimming Club and has been ongoing now for well over 25 years. Each year a different charitable orginsation is chosen to raise funds for, with Wicklow Cancer Care Support the benefactors of this year's swim.

In previous years the swim has also raised funds for St. Vincent de Paul, Wicklow Hospital and the Blue Dolphins Special Olympics Club.

The meeting point on St. Stephen's day will be down at the new pier, with swimmers plunging into the chilly waters from 1 p.m.. As always, fancy dress is optional, so don't be surprised if you see some submerged santa's or the odd drenched looking elf.

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