Wednesday 26 June 2019

District seeks funding for snow-damaged roads

The District engineer for Wicklow Municipal District gave an update of various works taking place due to start at last Monday's monthly meeting.

Regarding general maintenance and repairs to local authority housing stock, Kevin Scanlon informed councillors that 68 queries were received in September. 43 have been finalised with 25 ongoing.

The winter maintenance programme started last week and a frost and gritting schedule has been established.

Submissions have been lodged with the Department over any roads damaged during spells of bad weather. Most of the roads affected are in areas of higher elevation, with a number of damaged roads reported in Roundwood.

'We have put in for additional funding and we will find out next week if we have been successful,' sad Mr Scanlon.

The Laragh to Trooperstown footpath is finished but there is a narrow section of the pathway that has to be widened out.

It will cost €7,000 to install lighting at Wicklow Sailing Club and €25,000 to €30,000 to do likewise with the river walk at the Murrough. Wicklow Town Team also recently received funding to provide back-lighting at historical sites in Wicklow town. 'I will be meeting with the Town Team over the lights planned for the Sailing Club and the river walk just to make sure there is consistency of lighting and value for money,' added Mr Scanlon.

Three public liability cases have been issued against the district in the past month, while there are also three live cases currently taking place.

Wicklow People