Saturday 16 December 2017

Council agree to review speed limit

WICKLOW County Council has agreed to a review of the 60km speed limit along the N81 on the Dublin side of Baltinglass.

A Garda speed van is frequently located along this particular section of the road leading to complaints from many motorists.

Cllr. Edward Timmins says it is an issue that has been raised with him time and time again.

'Many safe drivers are being caught doing just over 60km along a straight stretch of road with no entrances along it. I drive this stretch every day. There is a speed van there and motorists doing 65 km on this straight stretch are being caught out because of the 60km limit.'

The issue has been brought up at a number of west Wicklow local area meetings, with Cllr. Timmins advising that the 60km limit continues too far before rising to 100km.

'The County Council has agreed to review this limit with a proposal to bring the 100km limit closer to the town at a point 200m north of the entrance to Baltinglass Golf Club,' explains Cllr. Timmins.

'This was agreed at our local area meeting and has also been accepted by the Guards and the NRA. It now just needs to be brought to the full County Council meeting to sign off on.' Cllr. Timmins concluded by saying, 'I fully support speed cameras but this was an example of taking the easy options to make more money.'

Wicklow People

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