Sunday 18 February 2018

Blessington celebrates 1,000th local newsletter


THE parish of Blessington marked the 1,000th edition of its local newsletter with a celebration night in Avon Ri.

Speaking at the event were Fr. Tim Murphy PP and Fr. Kevin Lyon, who originally started the newsletter when he joined the Parish in July of 1994.

Initially the newsletter's format was one page of community notices on the back of the mass leaflet. The newsletter soon grew to include adds for local tradespeople.

Parish Secretary Ann Creighton took over responsibility for the newsletter in November of 2002. She helped develop the newsletter into an A4 back and front page independent of the mass leaflet.

In April of 2004 the format was changed again as the 501st edition featured two pages of notices, fundraisers and local events and two pages of commercial adds.

The celebration night also featured a special souvenir edition of the newsletter looking back over 20 years of parish life in Blessington and highlighting some of the special occasions that have taken place during that time.

The Blessington District Forum also presented a special award for services to the community to Fr. Lyon and Ann Creighton.

Music was provided by Mick Farrington and Mick Flynn. Food and refreshments were organised by the Avon-Ri Lakeshore Resort and a great night was had by all.

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