Wednesday 22 November 2017

'Wicklow way' most beneficial for Carlow

A High Level Strategic Report provided to Carlow County Council from planning and environmental consultancy CAAS has outlined that the most beneficial route for Carlow would be the Eastern one which passes through Wicklow near Carnew and Baltinglass.

CAAS expert, Conor Skehan, presented the report to Carlow County Council yesterday, which suggests that the route which travels through East Carlow and into Wicklow has the least amount of cons.

The route is the second shortest option passing through Carlow at 15km and is said to have the 'least landscape impacts' of all the routes.

The report also determines that, in terms of Carlow, it is unlikely to significantly affect scenic routes and it is the route that passes near the fewest houses.

Carlow County Council also heard presentations from Eirgrid and conservation group 'Save Our Heartland' yesterday and at the end of a long day, it emerged that the vast majority of County Councillors are overwhelmingly opposed to the project erecting pylons anywhere in Carlow.

Following presentations from all concerned parties, Carlow County Council decided to take a week to decide what changes, if any, to make to their County Development Plan in order to protect some of Carlow's scenic areas.

However a number of the councillors did emphasise the importance of working together in opposition to all routes and working together with local authorities in neighbouring counties.

Wicklow People

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