Thursday 26 April 2018

Whole community urged to support Arklow LGBT group's Pride Month

David Thomas and Phillip Bracken, LGBT, Arklow.
David Thomas and Phillip Bracken, LGBT, Arklow.

July is Arklow Pride Month and the local LGBT Social Drop-In Group is inviting the whole community to embrace the theme of this special inaugural event.

The group has an array of exciting events planned from July 28 to August 10 and is calling on everyone to work together to show the world that Arklow is a town that welcomes all and embraces diversity.

It is hoped that local businesses will join in and show their support by posting the Arklow Pride image as their Facebook cover photo, by displaying an Arklow Pride sign in their shop window and by flying a rainbow flag at their premises.

Local community groups, businesses and individuals can get involved in Arklow Pride Week by organising an event to celebrate the occasion. On Sunday, August 3, the week will come to a close with the release of multi-coloured balloons from the Bandstand after a small Pride Parade in which is is hoped a variety of groups will participate.

Co-founder of the Arklow LGBT Group and Arklow Pride initiative, Dave Thomas, explained that the project aims to include everyone in the local community not just the LGBT community. I wanted to initiate another project that wasn't just for the LGBT community within Arklow. I wanted to broaden it out to encompass all groups, so that we could have an annual event that really celebrates diversity and inclusion. At the moment I am using the rainbow flag and image which is very much associated with the LGBT community, but I felt it really represents a lot more than that. Our town is made up of a variety of groups and individuals that work hard for the benefit of others, and bringing them all together as one, makes for a beautiful town.

'As this event develops over the years, and with a little funding, we may design our own unique flag or symbol that boldly represents Arklow Pride. Like all new initiatives, we are starting off small, and with local businesses, community groups and others coming on board, this will develop into a festival,' he said.

Arklow LGBT Social Drop-in Group was established in March 2012 to provide a safe place where LGBT people can visit once a month in an informal, relaxed setting. The group has been making great strides of late and most recently participated in the Dublin Pride parade.

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