Monday 20 November 2017

Swimmers are urged to take care at Lakes

Cllr Jim Ruttle is urging visitors to the Blessington Lakes to take care when deciding to go for a swim

The recent spell of scorching weather has seen floods of people descending on the Lakes to enjoy the sunshine, with many deciding a quick dip in the water would be a great way to cool off.

Cllr. Ruttle is advising members of the public to pay special attention to water safety during prolonged spells of good weather. He is also keen to revisit proposals for a designated swimming area at the Lakes which were first made two decades ago.

'Some sunshine sees huge numbers of people coming to the Lakes and enjoying barbecues and picnics.

However, swimming can be very hazardous and more people in Ireland die each year swimming in lakes and rivers than they do at sea.

20 years ago there was a proposal to set aside a designated swimming area where people could go. The local ESB Management agreed to the plan and were also going to pay for a lifeguard.

The swimming area was going to be at Meade's Bay which would have provided a nice little cove for swimming and plenty of car parking space.

Unfortunately, ESB Head Office weren't supportive of the idea, but I think the proposal should be revisited.'

Wicklow People

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