Monday 20 November 2017

Quotes of year

'I'm very optimistic about where Ireland is going, much more so than any other country that has been bailed out in Europe; Ireland is in a different category. On a macroeconomic level, Ireland is on the right track and will emerge a more confident nation after it's all said and done.'

- Wicklow businessman Conrad Burke on Ireland's Future

'In terms of the resources that Wicklow has, it's got the lot,'

- Mary Mulvey, CEO of Ecotourism Ireland, on Wicklow's potential

'You need someone you can fall back on when the s**t hits the fan.'

- Philip Kirwan of Showoff on not going into business alone!

'Even during the summer we couldn't sit out on the streets – the smell was so overpowering.'

- A Castle Street resident on the smell emitting from Wicklow harbour

'Whether I'll be a Fine Gael candidate or not I don't know but it is my intention to stand in the next General Election under whatever banner that might be.' - Deputy Billy Timmins. Speaking after he had lost the Fine Gael party whip over his vote during abortion legislation.

'Again I come back to the word that was used over and over again in the Supreme Court - they've dismissed us as if we're dirt on their f***ing shoe. Words of compassion are very easy. It's compassionate action that we want to see.' - Tom Curran. Speaking outside of Leinster House after calls to legislate for suicide.

'Deer management starts locally and grows nationally - I think Wicklow is a prime example of that.'

- Liam Nolan, Chairman of the Wicklow Deer Group, on the need for a deer census

'Get out there, you have to chase things; it's all up to you.'

- Cathy Kieran of Busymum offers advice to entrepreneurs

'Every country has its own white spirit. Let's go back and be proud of it.'

- Barry Gallgher – of Glendalough Poitín – on poitín.

'It's a terrible tragedy. It's such a shock. We were woken by the sounds of the commotion around 5.30am and then we saw all the emergency services outside and knew it was something serious. At first we heard there were four people missing in the water but later heard that there were only two people in it and that one man managed to get to safety. - Onlooker at the North Quay in Arklow after the death of Marcin Wieclaw.

'I am very glad to be finally vindicated by his guilty plea. It would have made our lives a lot easier if he had admitted his guilt when my complaint was first made to the guards in 2009. The only reason I took this case was to make him publically accountable for his actions.' - Cormac Walsh. Speaking after former Silver Band leader Michael Byrne pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent assault.

'The graveyard is for people to pay their respects for loved ones and not for people cruising in cars.' - Cllr. Pat Fitzgerald. Speaking on a notion of motion to close some of the internal access points at St. Gabriel's Cemetery, Arklow.

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