Saturday 16 December 2017

Marie's final letter, read from the altar

Dear friends,

I lie here before you today on my final journey. I am not frightened, as rest assured my beloved daddy Danny will have come for me, to ease the way over to those that love me on the other side.

There has always been so much to say and so little time to say it. But before I leave there are people I must thank.

George, thank you for inviting me into this beautiful church where I have such happy memories. It has given me such solace over these past years to know that I will rest in peace here.

My beautiful sister Noeleen and strong brothers Brian and Don. We went through so much so young, but think of the bond we have, and take strength from that. I'm with Shaun now and wait for you here. I love you and know how much you love me.

My friends and colleagues in Derry, Wales and Dublin.

You helped me accomplish my dream; to educate myself and then in turn to impart that knowledge and wisdom to others

To my wonderful friends in Arklow and Killahurler, you welcomed me in, gave me a home and a new life. For that I thank you.

To my beautiful carers and and friends, you know who you are. Thank you for the life and the joy you have brought to my home, and for helping enable me to stay there.

To my legal team, who helped me fight for what I believe in, the right to avoid a protracted, painful and undignified death.

To my co-authors, my final accomplishment, a published writer. A dream come true thanks to you.

To my beautiful Simon and Corrinna, you are my finest achievement. You have given me the most wonderful gift in life: love, the reason to live. My legacy is in your hands. Now-take what I have taught you and guide these seven beautiful stars through life. Remind them of their granny Marie, and how much I love them, and tell them the delight they brought to me.

Finally, to my ainm Cara, my soul mate, weren't we lucky to have found each other. Tom, words cannot express how much you mean to me. My partner in life and love. Thank you for loving me, for carrying me, for caring for me. For fighting my corner and making sure my voice was heard.

I love you and am with you. Find strength and carry on in my name. And if you waiver, know that I am in your heart.

And if you miss me, walk around the beautiful garden we created together and know that my spirit is there in the gentle breeze.


Wicklow People

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