Monday 11 December 2017

Dismay over cuts to funds at Sunbeam

ANGER has been expressed over the HSE's decision to impose a cut of €189,000 on Bray's Sunbeam Services who provide a range of supports to adults with intellectual disabilities.

While asking for a full explanation from the HSE and asking for the cuts to be reversed, Cllr. Brady commented, 'a lot of these users will find it next to impossible to make it up to the facilities in Bray.'

Cllr. Tom Fortune said Sunbeam Services were originally informed that cuts of €70,000 were required, only for that figure to 'suddenly jump-up' to €189,000.

A HSE official will be invited to attend Wicklow County Council's next meeting in October, while the relevant Ministers will also be written to.

Wicklow People

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