Wednesday 17 January 2018

Beekeepers create a buzz at Brittas Bay

BRITTAS Bay was buzzing on Saturday as beekeeping enthusiasts arrived at the home of Tony Lyons for the annual open day of the Ashford and District Bee Keepers Association.

Tony, who is chairman of the association, said the day had been a great success with an encouraging attendance arriving on the day, both beginners and advanced.

He said the day involved a lot of hands on experiences for those interested with the beginnings given the opportunity to check out starter hives and nursery boxes. They were also shown how to go about raising a new queen.

For the more advanced they were told about what to look out for when opening hives including the swarming potential and if there were enough stores.

The day was about the transition from books to practical according to Tony and it went down a storm with those present.

'We had a great turnout and some people also brought their relations and everyone the refreshments too. Those who were not interested in the very hands on approach could also examine bees in an exhibition hive which is kept safely behind glass.'

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