Friday 19 January 2018

A New Year's message from Bishop Jackson

Messages are very important to us today.

At Christmas and New Year, many eagerly await the hand-written messages which are added to the printed words of Christmas cards. They give a simple yet effective personal touch. They show us that there is a loving connection between the person who sends and the person who receives. Others make sure that they send a text message as December 24th spills over into December 25th and as December 31st spills over into January 1st. All of this messaging helps us to be aware of the human connections which bind and hold us together as families and as friends.

As you enjoy the little extra messages which you write and receive this Christmas and New Year and as you line up the text messages to send to those dear to you on New year's Eve, always remember this message of light and life which the angel delivered to the world on The First Christmas. And in our praying and our giving this New Year, let us not forget the peoples of the Philippines, of Syria and of Gaza.

God has come to earth for them also and we continue to do the work of God.'

- The Most Reverend Michael Jackson is the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough

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