Wednesday 21 March 2018

A good time of the year to make changes

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As we approach autumn after summer holidays we have more energy to initiate and sustain change
As we approach autumn after summer holidays we have more energy to initiate and sustain change

Calodagh McCumiskey

As we move into autumn it feels almost like the 'real' new year as education terms start and the weather, temperatures, trees, patterns of wildlife, the garden and even fashions and colours all around us transform before our eyes.

Change is literally in the air. As without so within. This naturally is a great time for all of us to initiate change in our own lives. The 2016 Healthy Ireland report says that 92 percent of Irish people want to make some change in their lives to boost their health and wellbeing. Interestingly, the top four changes cited relate to being more physically active, financial wellbeing, sleep and diet.

While January is the official new year - for most, its more about celebrations than actual change and new beginnings. It is cold outside. The days are short and our natural vitality is low. Now after summer holidays we have more natural energy to initiate and sustain change. After a break, time-off and longer days, we feel energized and ready.

So, if you have things you want to bring into or let go from your life, now is a great time to succeed at them. If you are not sure what you want to do, reflect and regroup on where you are in your life - in relation to health and wellbeing, relationships, career - are there changes to you or changes to your life that you seek? Is any area or your life out of balance? Do you feel healthy, happy, joyful and satisfied? Is there more to do? If there is, there is no reason to delay.

Indeed, for many around the world it is the new year. Rosh Hashanah or Jewish new year falls in September or October and Ethiopian New Year based on the Ancient Coptic calendar, falls on September 11.

There are many reasons to inspire and support change at this time of year. We have change built-in to our mind-set because of 'back to school'. New is almost expected as our calendar memory kicks in. Nature with her autumnal colours and climate inspires. There is no spotlight on you as there is on January 1 when the world is seemingly expecting you to make changes. So, we can do things according to our own wishes and in our own way and time.

Many of us are itching to get back into routine after the distractions and spontaneity of summer. It is almost as easy to set and get into a new as an old routine. And you have learned so much in 2017.

This wisdom can be brought into any change you embark on and with only 4 months to go, you are less inclined to take the foot off the pedal and more likely maintain changes made. There is also a buzz as for many businesses, 2017 targets need to be finished and new projects are in the offing as we gear up for the biggest commercial season of the year.

If you want to make changes, go for it. Small changes are more likely to succeed and be sustained than big and more radical ones.

Remember-Transformation is the result of consistent positive change. Frustration is the result of inconsistent positive change. The only difference between frustration and transformation is persistence and practice.

To give yourself the best chance of success, start today. Be consistent. Meditate. Spend time with people that support your new goals and inspire you. One of the biggest determinants of success is grit. Be gritty and you will get there.

And most importantly, enjoy the process !

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