Saturday 16 December 2017

30 competitors battle for glory

Tom Crossingham at the Wicklow Novice chess tournament.
Tom Crossingham at the Wicklow Novice chess tournament.

THE Wicklow Junior Novice Chess Championships made its debut in the Grand Hotel on Saturday with 30 competitors engaging in a battle of wits in the Friar Suite.

The tournament was aimed at improving players and introducing new comers to the game.

The Swiss System was used to run the tournament whereby every player got to play six rounds. Each game lasted about 25 minutes and chess clocks were only used if there was a tie-break.

Finn Cahn was first with a perfect score of 6/6. He was a deserving winner but was tested by Conor McCarthy, who kept threatening checkmate but Finn defended well and eventually won with his own counter attack.

Both Conor McCarthy and Liam Connolly finished with five wins out of six and engaged in a five-minute playoff to see who would land second place, with Conor eventually securing victory. There was also a five-minute blitz playoff to determine the Best Girl Prize. Maria Ahmed and Laura Newsome faced off against one another in the playoff and Maria won.

The prize for best Under-11 went to Tom Crossingham and Jake O'Reilly was the Under-9 winner. The Under-7 victor was Cillian O'Sullivan.

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