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Hozier sends Lucy a birthday greeting


The card Hozier wrote for Lucy

The card Hozier wrote for Lucy

The card Hozier wrote for Lucy

Singer-songwriter Hozier went out of his way to wish a fan a happy 18th birthday, her mum having written to the Newcastle native at his Bray home.

Paula Hatton said that Covid-19 was already wreaking havoc with her sanity. 'The leaving cert was cancelled, the graduation from school life was cancelled, the awards ceremonies and water fight with the teachers was cancelled,' said Paula, whose daughter Lucy was about to turn 18.

'It was looking like her 18th birthday celebrations were cancelled too until Hozier saved the day!'

Paula said that Lucy wouldn't even be able to see her grandparents, as they live in Belfast, and she couldn't see her friends.

'I was desperate to make the day memorable.' Paula watched Hozier sing a beautiful and emotional rendition of The Parting Glass on the Late Late Show. 'He went on to mention that he would be at his home in Bray and would fill his time working on new material while, like the rest of Ireland, he socially distanced.' She had a flash of inspiration. 'I decided to chance my arm and make a really wild request. Hozier is king to my daughter - she is a huge fan. With that in mind, I though, how special and exciting it would be for Lucy to receive a birthday greeting from him. That would be an 18th birthday she would never forget.'

Paula popped a card into a brown envelope, with a short note asking the musician if he was not busy, and had time in between working on new material, would he mind wishing her only daughter a happy 18th.

'I had no address, so marked the envelope "To Hozier, Mr Byrne, Bray".

'I popped it into the post box and went on with lock-down.'

On Friday, May 29, the brown envelope landed onto the mat in the post. 'I knew it was the card returned - I was so excited,' said Paula. She kept it until the next day, and gave it to Lucy on May 30.

Andrew 'Hozier' Byrne wrote to Lucy that he turned 30 in March and is also looking forward to celebrating properly when he can. 'I'm sorry the leaving cert shenanigans have thrown such a curve ball,' he wrote. 'All good things lie ahead - college will be a riot!'

'She was completely amazed to receive a birthday card from her idol,' said Paula. 'It was not just signed but Hozier had gone to the trouble of not only wishing Lucy a happy 18th birthday, but wrote her a lively message and drew her a cake complete with candles too! What a legend and gentleman he is. He MADE the 18th birthday memorable by his iconic act of kindness - when all was lost celebration wise Hozier saved the day.

'I am very grateful for this particular act of kindness and thoughtfulness in these unprecedented times. What an absolute legend. He truly respects his fans and gives back on a personal level. This is a lifetime event for my daughter. I would like to personally thank Hozier and An Post - without whom this magic memory would not have become a happy reality.'

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